Jamographer --> Someone who undertakes the studies of Jamology.

Jamology --> The interactive participation of improvised responses to spontaneous rhythms and tones.

A Jam --> A group of people making sounds with objects with other people to create what others might perceive as music.

Jamolopsychotherapist --> An invited non-musician or someone who appreciates music in the same room as the Jamogrophers.

Jam --> A fruit preserve made by reducing fruits by boiling and adding sugar.

Jim --> The Jamolopsychotherapists friend.

Jamdunker --> An uninvited guest ( vibe-killer / gate-crasher ) to a Jam who usually says something like "Can you play stairway to heaven, by Pink Floyd?"

Jamophobe --> A really great musician who needs the music sheets in front of him/her.

Jamonube --> A musician who is introduced to the concept of Jamology.