The Little Brothers

(not to be confused with Tomato, Lettuce and Bacon)

How could I possibly explain the concept of "The Little Brothers"...

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This was a Radio Show broadcast live in July 2005 with a special guest commentary by Zed Crimpson.

The basics......

Take three Little Brothers "bairns" of their families, all with an interest in music, recording and most importantly.. simply being creative for the amusement of others. This is the underlying reason for the strength in the friendship and the power in the material produced.

All the music listed here is "live" and totally "improvised"...That is , what you hear is what we did at the moment. Improvised means truly off-the-cuff, unrehearsed and created in the moment. Each of us feeding off the musical vibe and the other jamographers.

Everything is recorded live then packaged as a completed product. You can listen to our material by clicking the Play Button links below.


The Little Brothers - PROFILE
Andy Bowman

With Andy, from function comes form. He's an all-rounder.

A fantastic song writer and song arranger and deliverer of the most unconventional guitar and keyboard chords. A great blues / rock percussionist.

Andy has the mind of a child filled with the thoughts of an old and wise man. His actions are often unpredictable which only adds to the spontaneity of the moment. Andy is quite simply a very funny person, polite and a gentleman.

The youngest of the little brothers. (aka Youngest Middlist)

Creator of the recording studio "The Sanctuary"

Matt Gibson

With Matt, everything is humor. A good drummer, guitarist and song writer. Being the oldest of the little brothers (aka Oldest Shortest) he takes his role seriously, that is, blames anything that goes wrong on the others. Matt keeps a cool head during all the jams and by doing this he creates the level playing field for us all to enjoy.

A deep thinking man who is easily frustrated by those frustrated.

Creator of the recording studio "The Attic"




Alan is the middle aged brother (aka Middlist Tallest) who simply enjoys the company of his other brothers. When the time is right, he likes to tell them what to do: they like to tell him where to go.

Believer in "brains on tape!" : Capturing the moment when interacting musically with others. Uninfluenced and unaffected by the musical styles of today. He willingly volunteers for the role of recording engineer and producer.

Hates the pigeon holes that are presented within the music industry. Where do you find honest music from honest men?

Creator of the recording studio "Mix-Down-Central" and founding member of the "Jamogrophers Society"


The Little Brothers - The Music

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C'mon Let's Ride!


The concept of a Jam is being sung about in this song... 'But we still hold on fast, like an anchor point within the breaking glass'. A real jam that made us all realize that we can create good music from within our 'heart and soul'.

This song gave birth to Radio 2KFM Blingo which became one of the most listened to radio stations in the area.

Derek Wardlaw, a Jamonube on bass, acts as the stake in the ground sustaining a steady reality to the movements all around him. Matt accentuating the musical phrases as they arise whilst Andy accentuates the drums, bass and vocals as a whole. The theme is about riding the bike, Alan's personal analogy of a musical jam – the song has an apparent climax when this is conveyed to all who are on the bike. The music’s dynamics give the natural flow, structure and direction for all the cyclists.

Placed high on my list as no one was trying to make music here we just were.

Andy (Keyboards), Matt (Drums), Alan (Vocals), Derek Wardlaw (Bass)

Special thanks to Derek Wardlaw for jamming bass in this one!



A great track to emphasize the struggle of being recognized. 'we walk within the dream, but we show nothing at all'. Quite simply put: this song is about the day to day activities that we incur to impress our superiors ( or audience ).

This is a great piece of music that transcends emotion and all the shit that you have just read.

Alan (Vocals and Bass), Andy (Guitar), Matt (Drums)



'I sit on starlight, feel like walking, more than you will ever know' - This statement sums up the the feelings of the average human, do you agree? Listen to the musical 'chit-chat' in this track. Hey! "we can feel the breath of the birth!". Listen to the transitions of mood and feelings within this song whilst masking your pre-conceived ideas of what good music is.

All we ask is...Is it good music?

Alan (Vocals and Bass), Andy (Guitar), Matt (Drums)



Big belief in all things of this world, Andy Sings his heart out to tell us all that we got to stick together, regardless of culture, color and.....Ocht!... he's said it before!

Alan ( Bass), Andy (Vocals and Guitar), Matt (Drums)



Ok! So take the approach and accept it for just a millisecond.

Do you appreciate the challenge, do you see our need for the assistance?

If we all had the same approach, who would own the idea?

Andy (Guitar), Matt (Drums), Alan (Vocals)



Inspired, as the title suggests, by the night of a full moon (2nd July 2004).

This song has a lovely heart-felt start and transcends into a high speed groove.
Andy starts feeding in additional rhythms and changing the musical direction gently over a period of time. This allows Alan to keep a steady thumb-pluck bass line going to act as plate for the meal to be served. Matt accenting on symbols reinforces the dynamics taking place in this great musical conversation. Ironically, that night, the moon was not visible due to a low cloud cover: This did not prevent Alan from singing his musically inspired mental visualization.


Alan (Vocals and Bass), Andy (Guitar), Matt (Drums)


A snippet of a gem. Actually, this was recorded “in-between” recordings; however when you listen to the way Andy’s guitar rhythm and melody works with Matt’s tom rolls and the simple melody in the vocals work together it’s something to be proud of. Alan's lyrics inspired by the very trio that’s creating the pathway for their existence.


Matt (Drums), Alan (Vocals), Andy (Guitar)


One of the first songs of The Little Brothers - recorded at the Attic.

Special thanks go to Craig (pronounced Cr-agg),a visitor & Jamographer from Boston USA, for the excellent guitar licks.

A simple drum-machine loop frees Matt to try his hand on harmonica. Andy, Alan and Craig play guitar. The name “hillbilly fish” is derived from the guitar feel that is generated and the fish part from Matt as he says “Don’t gimme no soul!”

Alan obliges and gives him a little song about a randy fish instead.


Andy (Vocals/Guitar), Matt (Harmonica/Vocals), Alan (Guitar/Vocals)


What point is there trying to explain the purpose of this track?

The Little Brothers sometimes have Little Brother debates about the

"theme of the night"

but in the end we usually decide on something obscure and simple: Thus the LLAMA

Andy (Guitar), Matt (Drums), Alan (Vocals)



Have you ever seen a bunch of BUMBLEBEES playing rounders?

A song inspired by Matt going for a P... Yup!

Andy on the practice accordion sets the scene, say no more! - because Alan is off!

Next time stop! Look and observe the BUMBLEBEE.


Andy (Practice accordion), Matt (Peeing), Alan (Vocals)

( track post-modified with effects)


This track is the “Black box recording” of a true jam. The development of this track is more important than the track itself. The start appears to be just nonsense but a simple structure appears and opens the door to sing about the nonsense that we are walking through.


Andy (Guitar & Inmate vocals), Matt (Inmate Vocals), Alan (Vocals)

(special thanks to Craig again for the additional backing guitar)


Click to listen to all songs presented here as a playlistClick to listen to all songs presented here as a playlist

The Little Brothers...

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The Little Brothers